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About Us

How tekbotic was started...


When I was a kid I always had a side hustle and I was a regular risk taker (see: troublemaker). Whether it was a lemonade stand or a car wash service, I was always making some form of cash on the side. I was also a dedicated tinkerer. In college, I began a Roomba refurbishing business. I had no idea what I was doing, but committed myself to learning and taking action. I would buy broken robots on eBay, repair them in my tiny apartment, and sell them back on Amazon. Little did I know, this amateur robot adoption agency would eventually lead me to where I am today.

The day came where I gave up the Roomba game - after dealing with endless defects in the original manufacturing and unhappy customers, I became disillusioned with these friendly robots. I decided to channel my innate business sense and desire to tinker, customize, and improve into one of my lifelong passions: gaming and tech. I started by selling replacement parts and quickly transitioned into designing and building my own Xbox and PS4 controllers. But alas, the same issues kept coming up.

No matter how much time I dumped into research, testing and quality control, at the end of the day, I was at the mercy of the original manufacturer. I was tired of dealing with unhappy customers, rightly upset over defects that were out of my control. I wanted to make something new, something original, and something I could control. I wanted a brand.



At this point, tekbotic was finally born. I was able to channel my time and energy into products and solutions that weren't inhibited by other manufacturers. They were mine. The problems, shortcomings, improvements, and innovation was finally my responsibility and my responsibility alone. Through tekbotic, I can create products with a level of quality, creativity, and eco-friendliness that I am proud to stand behind. I also learned the importance of human interaction in the design process. I wanted tekbotic to be a company with a human face and personality, not a sterile brand full of empty slogans.

We at tekbotic are more than a faceless company; we are a collective of passionate modern tech users who are just like you. We want sustainable, high quality, individually tailored products that help improve our lives and the lives of those around us. That is what we aim to do.


The tekTeam

Our Guiding Code


No one in their right mind enjoys low quality electronics made by a large faceless company who don't stand behind their products. Unfortunately, so much of the consumer electronics world is filled with just this archetype. We feel this is the reason people are afraid of getting ripped off. So tekbotic is here to change the way people view ordering electronics online by delivering carefully designed, quality products that truly reflect our customers' interests. By breaking away from the philosophy of "planned obsolescence", we hope to reduce e-waste and help the planet by creating products designed to last.

But more importantly, we want to provide genuine human interaction instead of a cold online transaction. We are humans, so let's act like it. We want you to know us and we want to know you (also referred to as "being friends"). We are a small team, so whenever you have a comment, suggestion, or even complaint, we are the ones answering it; not some tired and dispassionate customer service department.

Lastly, we want to change how product ideas become a reality, by blurring the line between creator (us) and user (you). To achieve this, we have started building the tekbotic Collective. This is a space where we can truly collaborate on product design, form and function. You now have the ability to play a direct role in the creation of your product.

We view tekbotic as a permanent beta; continuously striving to improve ourselves, our ideas, and our products. We invite you to join us and help make this a reality. We call ourselves the tektribe.