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TekBotic Releases First All-In-One Power Strip Under "The Ultimate Desk Campaign" (for Business)




TekBotic Releases First Product in New Line: "The Ultimate Desk"


Sparks, NV, January 5th, 2017



TekBotic: an online Electronic Accessories Brand, announces the release of an All-In-One Power Supply Strip featuring 4 Outlets and 4 USB Ports. The startup, which prides its self on improving and rendering uniquely attractive designs to its minimalist geared supporters. TekBotic will launch this Power Hub under their new "Ultimate Desk" Campaign.


The "Ultimate Desk" Campaign is TekBotic's jumping point into the office improvement category. Pivoting their brand away from the gaming scene (which they have had a heavy focus on in their first year of establishment) towards a simplistically styled line of business and home office products. The Power Hub was made available to TekBotic's followers in mid-December and has received numerous positive accolades from their testers and supporters.


TekBotic originated as a Roomba Rescue and Repair project headed by CEO and Founder Matthew Gallisa. He transformed his collected ideas into a comprehensive online platform: TekBotic. Spending resources and hours with the help of feedback from various sources, developing enhanced products for his supporters to make their spaces effortless, efficient, and enjoyable.




Sparks, NV 

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