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Unofficial PlayStation 4 Slim has been Leaked Accidentally (or maybe not) to the Public!

You're probably going to jump at the news because there was no announcement from SONY regarding the release date of the Playstation 4 Slim being released. 

 PS4 Slim Unofficial Reveal before Launch Date

Picture obtained from a post on Neogaf Forum of the Claimed PS4 Slim.


But, if you have been paying attention to the news lately (maybe on your Facebook newsfeed), there have been some reviews and unboxing videos online!

The first thing we probably asked ourselves was, "How could SONY let this happen?". Then again, it could all be a marketing strategy to hype up the crowd before the official release date. 

It was first spotted on Gumtree, a classified ads website in the UK that have been sold by one mysterious man that would like to remain anonymous. 

One of the Lucky Few

Laura Dale, a games journalist, has got her hands on a unit of the PS4 Slim and filmed an unboxing video. Click on the link to see the unboxing video. 

Since the new console has not been officially released yet, many people are being cautious on posting the news online. 

So what we are all guessing is probably is this the new look for the PS4 console? And is it all just a hoax?

Finally gave in to PS4


A modified image of "Finally gave in to PS4" by © CC- (CC-BY) 2006 Leon Terra and the original can be found here. TekBotic does not own or claim copyrights to this image nor represent any of the companies depicted in the material. 

One thing is for sure, the supposed PS4 Slim doesn't look that much different from its predecessor. At first glance, you'll probably notice it has curved corners and the PS4 DualShock controller has some tiny changes to the light bar.


Some forum posters claim that it is 1/3 "slimmer" or smaller in size compared to the original and looks quite ugly. :(


The conclusion

We will probably know answers on September 7th where Playstation has confirmed that they will be unveiling a whole lot of news at the Playstation Meeting which will be held at 3 p.m. ET at the Playstation Theater at Times Square. 

For all we know, this could be a hoax and the PS4 Slim might look absolutely different. If so, SONY might be laughing their heads off at us getting excited over nothing and if not, the unveiling might end up somewhat anticlimactic. 

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