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Top 7 Entrepreneurial Podcasts


Searching for Better Guides on Entrepreneurship? 


Being entrepreneurial goes hand in hand with being American. A recent report shows that over 27 million Americans are starting or running new businesses. Even our president was a big time entrepreneur in his wilder youth. To be a great entrepreneur you need to be driven and creative.


The CEO of TekBotic is a prime example of what it takes to run an entrepreneurial enterprise. Straight out of college he knew what he wanted to do and was able to harness one of his passions to create a business.


Now, this was no easy task, as any entrepreneur will tell you. On top of securing investors who believe in your business and setting up the logistics of the company; the beginning is rather dark and lonely.



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Starting off as a one man operation meant that all the companies successes and losses fell on him. This, of course, didn't deter our CEO as he was able to press through the initial growing pains and pave the way for a profitable future.


However, not everyone has the super powers that our CEO seems to muster in times of crisis, so we need direction and advice in times when we are under immense pressure.


I have compiled a list of the top 7 entrepreneurial podcasts (in no particular order) to help you out when you've hit a creative wall or when the stress of running a business seems unbearable.


#1 Startup


In their own words Startup is a podcast that talks about "what it's really like to get a business off of the ground." More or less, in a nutshell, it is that.

startup podcast

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It covers all of the basic things you need to know about making your dream of owning your own business into a reality. Gimlet Media CEO Alex Blumberg discusses naming your company, valuing it, and how to go about finding partners/ clients.


#2 Jocko Podcast


An entrepreneurial podcast run by a "jock" you say? Tell me more. Well, Jocko Willink is a retired navy seal and is actually more like the drill sergeant from Full Metal jacket than a "jock".

Jocko Podcast

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In his podcast, he discusses key life lessons that include leadership and work ethic. Something you might expect out of an ex-navy seal. However, his lessons go much deeper than that as well; explaining discipline and thoughts on how you can become the best version of yourself.


If you are worried about how you will act as an employer, this podcast can help give you ideas on how to be a good one.


#3 The Growth Show


So your idea has been put to paper and your company is finally under way? That's great! Now, what do you do? Company growth can be one of the harder things to achieve without understanding the nuances of marketing and infrastructure.

The Growth Show

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The Growth show focuses on ways to make your company blossom and shine like a sunflower. They bring on guests who have achieved remarkable growth with their companies to explain what the transition is like and how to take your enterprise to the next level.


#4 Self-Made Man


 Self-Made Man

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I created a blog post about bio-hacking recently, and the Self-Made man could be classified as one. It is a podcast about how to improve yourself and become the best you can possibly be as a human.


Mike Dillard, the host, essentially explains how you improving yourself, improves your company, improves the world, etc. It is a bio-hacking podcast with a financial twist you might say.


#4 Twenty Minute VC


Behind all budding businesses, there are investors. Depending on the goal of the enterprise or the size of the operation, the amount of money that needs to be invested is crucial to the initial success of a business.

Twenty Minute VC

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However, on the other side of the equation, the venture capitalists who invest in the business are looking to see a return on the money they put into a company. Twenty Minute VC takes listeners into the minds of venture capitalists.


The host, Harry Stebbings, interviews venture capitalists and discuss what they look for in a startup company to invest in.


#6 Breaking into Startups


Breaking into Startups

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Despite being a history major in college, my passion for electronics has brought me into the tech field. The tech industry is one of the most profitable markets globally at the moment and many people are making the transition into this lucrative field.


Breaking into startups shares the stories of successful businessmen and woman who broke into the tech arena from non-traditional backgrounds. It is meant to motivate and inspire people who are thinking about trying out a new career path.


The hosts also talk about how some of the tools that you have learned in your current occupation can be utilized in the tech field.


#7 Social Pros


Marketing is a key aspect of your company! That goes without saying. In order for your business to be successful, you've got to get the word out there....that you have a business!

socialpros podcast

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However, in this modern day and age of technology, marketing is a different beast than it used to be. Now social media dominates the marketing sector, with companies like Twitter and Instagram being used to advertise for businesses.


The hosts of Social Pros discuss how you can best use social media to advance your company's marketing goals. They have guests on from major tech companies such as Dell and IBM to talk about how they utilize social media to make their companies more successful.


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