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PS4 Controller Battery Maintenance Tips & TekBotic's Cool PS4 Controller!

What's up TekBots! This blog post might come to a surprise to some TekBotic fans as we've rarely written about PS4 controllers in the past. We've got an excellent reason for that, and you can continue reading or skip to the tips and tricks section below

TekBotic's Newest Edition!

If you've been reading our Facebook posts online, we've been hinting on a secret that we've (TekBotic) have been working on for awhile. 

We know our fans have been waiting for a PS4 controller for some time now, and all of us at TekBotic are glad we've managed to do that!

TekBotic Dark Ice Edition

The new TekBotic Dark Ice controller has been custom-made with a clear, transparent top shell that compliments the original color of the dark, black PS4 DualShock controller.

It has all the internal components of the original Playstation DualShock 4 controller. However, we have made some changes to fit your needs better.

Check it out below. 

Front view:
front view TekBotic Dark Ice PS4 Controller
Back view: 
back TekBotic Dark Ice PS4 Controller

The thumb grips have upgraded to ones that are similar to the black, Xbox One Style to give players a firm grip while playing and long-lasting durability.

PS4 Dark Ice analog sticks
Plus, TekBotic pride:

PS4 Dark Ice button
We understand that controller connectivity is crucial for professional as well as amateur gamers alike. So, TekBotic has decided to add a Play & Charge braided micro-USB cable to ensure continuous game time and also provides a stable connection. 

PS4 Dark Ice Play and Charge Cable

Finally, you might probably already know this, but all TekBotic controllers come with an 18-month warranty and 30-day money back guarantee to ensure you can always come to us for any defects in the controller. 

TekBotic PS4 Dark Ice Controller (transparent)

Like us on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter to know when we'll be releasing in our stores! Let us know in the comments below what you think of our newest controller. :)

Tips & Tricks to Maximize the PS4 Controller Lifespan

Our PS4 controller shown above would deal with most of the common problems faced with the original, but we'll be covering some tips and tricks on how to maximize your old controller's lifespan in case you need it!


  1. Analog stick covers

    A common problem on the PS4 controller is the analog stick rubber wearing out too fast. Our TekBotic Dark Ice controller already has already been upgraded, but you can easily fix your old controller by buying more durable replacement covers or replacing the analog toggles. 

  2. Low battery capacity

    Some PS4 gamers have given feedback on the battery life of the controller not lasting long enough. There are a few reasons why the battery drains so fast and how to make it last longer.

    - High brightness of the light bar. You can reduce it by going to your settings and selecting Devices. Select Controllers and set the brightness to a lower setting.

    - Alternatively, you can also deactivate the vibrations, but that would be a downer on your gaming experience :(

    - Buy a battery pack (Example battery pack here) that allows you continuous gaming time or/and a micro-USB cable (we have one on sale here) to have a direct connection to your console. You can get one from Amazon at around $19.99 for the battery pack, and our micro-USB cable goes for $8.99. 

    - Automatically power off your controller. Go to your settings and select power saving settings. You can choose to turn off your DualShock automatically when it is not in use.

    - Get a charging stand. You can charge multiple controllers at the same time. Like ours below: 

    Tekbotic PS4 charger
  3. Sticky buttons or hard to press buttons

    Dirt and grime get inside your controller over time so cleaning it occasionally helps in maintaining the quality.

    There are various guides on Youtube but we'll also be covering it in a future blog post in the future. Let us know in the comments below if you would like us to get the guide out faster! :)


That's all the news I have for you today but if you haven't bought from us before (first time buyer), you can get a 15% discount on our newest controller if you sign up for our newsletter. 

Until then, continue gaming strong!

- Ed

TekBotic blog writer




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  • Great design!
    I really like the cool look of this controller. TekBotic put together a really nice product. I did run into an issue when I bought matching sets of Kontrol Freek analog toggle risers for my controllers and they wouldn’t fit. That’s my fault because I ordered the risers before the controller. I like the thumbsticks that came on the controller, but have large hands and prefer to use a set up with risers. I had to disassemble the TecBotic controller and replace the thumbsticks with original sized ones in order to be able to use the risers. I’m happy that I took it apart because when I did, I found that the screw opposite of the D-pad had missed the threaded post when it was put together at the factory. I had to manipulate it a bit and wedge it into the correct position for half the day just to train it to stay close enough to the original position to find it with the screw when I put it back together. After reassembling the controller, I tried to put on snap on L2/R2 trigger extensions and they wouldn’t work. Looks as if I’m going to have to break it apart again if I want to use the trigger extensions. I don’t remember seeing anything in the description about the triggers being different from the originals, but the extensions snap onto my factory Dualshock4 but not the TekBotic controller, so they must be.

    So, you should pay attention to the specs.
    1. The thumbsticks are custom. They are not the same size as the PS4 OEM sticks They’re definitely an improvement over the original, but snap on attachments that are meant for PS4 thumbsticks wont fit on them.
    2. The L2/R2 triggers are slightly different. Not noticeably, but just different enough from OEM triggers to where snap on accessories won’t attach to them.

    Professor Hanft

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