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An Inside Look: How to Become a More Focused Pro Gamer

How to Become a More Focused Pro Gamer

"Xbox One Controller" by Mack Male. Contact us HERE for copyright concerns.

Hey Tekbots! Are you an aspiring youth that wants to up their skills and focus while gaming? Other than practicing and learning from the experts, gamers don't recognize one factor could possibly be affecting their performance and focus while gaming : CLUTTER.

Now you might think that there is no way possible that a messy table and room would affect your focus while gaming. Therefore (to prove my awesome point!), I have compiled a list of benefits that you may have if you reduce/remove your clutter.

And as a past psychology major, I've thrown in some research evidence to back this up! 


 1. Less Distractions

In this post covering an article by Princeton researchers, it was explained in layman terms that (and I quote):

 "When your environment is cluttered, the chaos restricts your ability to focus. The clutter also limits your brain’s ability to process information. Clutter makes you distracted and unable to process information as well as you do in an uncluttered, organized, and serene environment."

Erin Doland from

To more briefly summarize: Clutter = Less focus. Therefore, lose the clutter


2. Less stress

 When gaming, you might feel stressed in order to perform better. However, if you have clutter around your house, according to this article, you might have higher levels of stress and affecting your mood & health. 

Although men are not as likely than women to feel stressed due to them having the connection that the cutter is not their responsibility, this next point might change your mind about your clutter. 

3. Better performance

 So, if you think that clutter does not distract you while you game, this article might change your mind a bit. The researchers recorded eye tracking movements in physicians. 

To briefly summarize, they found that clutter (electronic) reduced performance (longer time taken to respond & accuracy) of physicians when they performed search tasks.

What does this mean for you?  Clutter + stress + difficulty of task (i.e.: gaming) =lower performance.

So, better start arranging all your stuff on your table and in your documents in your computer as well. 

4.  More space for swag

 This last one isn't really related to your focus while gaming but when you clean up messy tables, you'll probably have more room to showcase your gaming gear. 

Not to brag, but you can probably place one of these awesome looking PS4 chargers on your table to show off your controllers:

Ways to organize your gaming space

Now that you know that, what are some critical steps you can take other than arranging your table? Here's some tips below to have a cleaner space: 

1. Get a cable organizer

Getting of these boxes hides away your power strips and provides a more organize cable management to all your devices and thus, reducing clutter. Say hello to a more focused space. 

2. Redirect your cables

You can either get a cable clip to stick on your table or just cable ties to hold your cables together. 

P.S.: As you see in the picture, TekBotic will be selling cable clips in our stores soon! We'll let you know when it is there on our Facebook page :)

3. Sort your console accessories

You can either get some hooks to hang your controllers or a charging stand to show off your controllers in a more classy style. 

If you run out of how to reduce the clutter, just hide everything. As long as you don't see, it probably won't affect you that much. 



Even though you might not agree that clutter affects your focus, that's totally fine! As long as you have fun while gaming and have space in your room for your friends to sit when they come game with you!

Let me know (and your other gaming buddies!) in the comments below what other ways do you think will increase your focus while gaming. 

Until then continue gaming strong!


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