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The 5 Benefits of a Clean Workplace to Increase Productivity and Improve Focus



Why do you need a clean workspace?


Having a clean workspace has many benefits and perks. Although it may take some time to do, the end result may surprise you!


Here, we'll be covering on how a clean office may help in increasing productivity and improve your focus while working. 


#1 Less Clutter, Less Stress


As covered in a previous blog post: Princeton researchers found that clutter causes you to be more distracted and affects your focus.


2011-04-19 12.57.56


Original Source "2011-04-19 12.57.56" from The Lone Traveler

By cleaning up your messy workplace, it'll clear up your vision and help you focus more.


Taking the time to clean up your workplace may also help you relax and have a change of pace from your regular schedule.


#2 A clean desk keeps the doctor away



When your desk is left uncleaned, it'll have dust bunnies, food debris, coffee stains, and the list goes on.


Coffee related (Free stock photo)
Original Source "Coffee related (Free stock photo)" from trophygeek :


So the germs and bacteria gather around you as you work may affect your health and cleanliness. You're probably going to be more likely to have a stuffy nose and other issues.


Try to refrain from eating oily foods while you work as you'll probably get your keyboard dirty and encourages bad eating habits. If you want to be environment-friendly, sort out your trash into a few empty bins to recycle later.



#3 Work more efficiently and find things faster



Keeping your office organized helps you find things faster and thus helping you to work more efficiently.


You can do this by color coding your files, or sorting paperwork based on the urgency of each task. This is also the same if you have files on your computer.

25/365 - Organization.
Original Source "25/365 - Organization." from Becky Wetherington


Clean up and sort your files so that you can spend less time finding files, and more time being productive.



#4 Increase alertness (Lights)



For ceiling lights, you might want to clean the dust off if it as it affects the brightness of the room. Having a bright light while you work helps in keeping you alert and focused.


Office light
Original Source "Office Light" from Andrew Malone :



However, having natural sunlight is the best choice. Soak up that Vitamin D!


If you don't have a window in your office, or if the winter months are dark and gloomy; you can opt to get an artificial sunlight desk lamp. It provides a stimulating environment while you work.



#5 Positive image when meeting clients/acquaintances



Lastly, keeping an organized workspace gives your coworkers and potential clients a positive image of your lifestyle and how you conduct yourself professionally.


Maybe you'll even be able to score some brownie points with your boss's impression of you. 



Getting your office space neat and tidy has it's benefits and may seem easy at first but maintaining it may seem a little daunting. Keep up on the basic office chores right as they come to light.


Taking your cup to the sink immediately after use, placing papers in the right files, and even putting your pens in a pen jar once you're done with them will eliminate large cleaning sessions later!


Here are some other tips that help clear up your workspace: 


#1 Cable Management Box


Hide your messy cables by storing them in a cable box so your legs don't get tangled and it keeps your workplace looking neat!


#2 Color code stickers


You can color code your files based on either the priority of the task/folder or by category. I like sorting it by urgency. Tasks that need to be done immediately are stuck with a red "DO NOW" sticker while less important tasks are labeled with a green "FOR LATER" sticker.  


Let us know in the comments below what other changes you can make to increase your productivity in the office! :)


Featured Image Modified "Messy Desk, Dec 2010" the original Source from Michael Coté :
Edith Tan
Edith Tan

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Edith is a nomadic freelancer and loves all things tech. She's a musician, animal lover, and naturally sorted into Slytherin.


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