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How to Stream Xbox One with Windows 10 Remotely

Things you will need before you start:

1) An Xbox One
2) Windows 10 with the Xbox App
3) Basic Understanding of Networking
4) The Internet with good Upload speed.

Test Streaming

First, we must make sure that your can stream your Xbox One through your Windows 10 PC.

1. Turn on your Xbox One and Sign into Xbox Live

2. Bring up the Xbox One app on your Windows 10 PC (that is on the same network as your Xbox One)

3. Click the Connect button, then click the "Streaming" or "Test Streaming" button.

test streaming xbox one

If what you see on your computer is the same as on your Xbox, it worked.

4. Obtain your Xbox's IP address:

From My Games & Apps on the home screen, Select Settings-->Network-->Advanced Settings.

5. On the Right-hand portion of the screen, your IP address should be displayed.

xbox ip adress

NOTE: Write this down, you will need it for the next part.

6. Obtain your IP address for your Router:

Click on the Start menu and type cmd. When you see the cmd applications in Start menu panel, click it or just press enter.

7. A text box window will open. Type ipconfig and press enter.

There will be a lot of information, but the line you want to look for is "IPv4 Address."

Router IP address

Set Up a DMZ for your Xbox One router

Access your Router's Web Interface by typing the IP Address obtained for your Router into the web browser's address bar and logging in.

1. Look for the "DMZ" or the "DMZ Host" option, which is often found in security or firewall menus.

2. Enter the IP address of the Xbox One (in the DMZ option) that you wrote down earlier and then click "enable" – now your Xbox One is free of restrictions.

Setting up the DMZ for the Xbox One

Streaming the Xbox One remotely

First off, no matter how far away you are away from your Xbox, it must be on for this to work. There is a companion app called Xoon that allows you to turn on your Xbox remotely.

1. Bring up the Xbox App on your Windows 10 PC. Click the "Connect" Button in the left-hand menu.

2. A Text box that says 'Xbox One not listed? Enter IP Address:' Enter the IP Address obtained from your Router. Then Hit "Stream".

Xbox One Remote Streaming

3. Now you are ready to game Remotely

Note: Quality of the stream may depend on bandwidth, upload speed, and distance from the Home Connection.


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Matt Lettieri - Gamertag: ShockerMPH

Customer Engagement Warrior

Matthew is an avid sports fan and videogamer and currently plays Battlefield 1, Gears of War 4, Rocket League, and FiFa 17.


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