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How 5 Phone & Computer Apps Can Help You Live a Healthy Life

How 5 Android/Apple and computer apps can help you live a healthier lifestyle

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Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is difficult when working, but with a little bit of discipline, it might not be so hard after all!


With the help of some apps, you can change your lifestyle and instill healthy habits. Here are some apps that you can use on your phone/computer that could help you:


#1 F.lux


You might have heard that your computer and cellphone screens emit a blue light. Blue light contributes to many negative effects on the body because it interferes with melatonin (which affects sleep).


If you frequently look at your phone screen at night (*cough, cough* Facebook and Instagram), it'll probably take a longer for you to fall asleep. One way to prevent your melatonin from being disrupted is by using an app called F.lux.


Click to view f.lux on Google Play


F.lux can be installed on your computer and runs in the background while you work. Initially, the change in the color temperature of the screen might be strange but you'll get used to it after awhile. As for your android phones, there's G.lux available that does the same thing.


For iPhone 5s and above users, there's the inbuilt system called "Nightshift" that does the same thing. To enable it, click on the sun symbol in the control center and set the schedule and preferred color temperature.


Unfortunately for iPhone users, this feature is not available and F.lux is only usable if your phone has been jailbroken.



#2  DRINK WATER/Drink Water Reminder app

 Click to Download the Drink Water app


Sometimes when I get too engrossed in work, I forget to hydrate myself. Water helps in losing weight and providing better skin health. So, getting an app that reminds you when to drink water may help improve your drinking habits.


For android users, the Water Drink Reminder app calculates the amount of water based on your current weight and notifies you when and how much water to drink throughout the day.


Another similar alternative for iPhone is the "Drink Water Reminder" app that is compatible with the Apple Watch and iPad. So get those glasses and start chugging!


#3 Sleep Cycle

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Ever wonder if you're getting enough sleep? The sleep cycle app will monitor your current sleeping patterns.


It's available for both the iPhone and Android phones. Just place the phone in airplane mode and set the phone next to you when you sleep on your bed. It'll monitor if you're getting enough sleep and will wake you up when you're at the lightest sleeping phase.


This will keep you from getting your dreams or deep sleep disrupted. It also has a snooze feature so you can always go back to sleep if you feel like it.


#4 7 Minute Workout


Getting enough exercise each day provides more oxygen to your brain and helps you work better throughout the day.

 Click to download the 7 minute workout app

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With our busy schedules, it's hard to find time to go the gym to exercise. The 7-minute workout app gives a variety of exercise plans for you to choose from for a short amount of time each day.


Although it may seem minuscule, the exercises are consecutive so you may become tired if you are not used to exercising.


The best thing about the app is that you can do it anywhere, anytime and also have different levels to choose from.


#5 Journey (Diary, Journal) 


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Journaling might not be for everyone but if you enjoy taking some time to write about your day and thoughts, "Journey" might be a good app for you.


From the app, you can add photos, locations, calendar events, and even share them on social media. Journaling might help you gather your thoughts better, create memories, and also reduce stress! 


For the iPhone, Day One is a good app that has a variety of features to use to a journal. However, it costs around $4.99.



Do you have any other apps that you think may help other people in their daily life? Share in the comments below!


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