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Free HDTV for the Xbox One

free hdtv for the xbox one

Did you know you can get free HDTV for the Xbox One? 


You can access over-the- air (OTA) TV with an antenna, a tuner, and of course your Xbox One. Now you don't have to pay to watch TV! 


There are also several other advantages to hooking up your cable through your Xbox and not your TV.

  • When you hook up your antenna to the Xbox and not the TV, the channels will sync and the current TV schedule will populate your Xbox One Guide.

    This allows you to see future show times and what is playing on which channel without having to flip through every network.

  • Also, by having your antenna hooked up to your Xbox you can use the Smartglass App to stream live TV to your phone. It even works if someone else is using the Xbox to play video games.

  • Lastly, and most importantly, in my opinion, you can pause live programming for up to 30 minutes.


How the Over-The-Air (OTA) works


The Over-The-Air tuners essentially take the signal received from the antenna and convert it to a USB signal for your Xbox to use.


Over the air, digital channels include NBC, CBS, PBS, and CW just to name a few. However, because you are using an antenna to get the signal, content and content quality may vary by location.

 Image obtained from WIkipedia:


Click the following link and type in your zip code to see what channels are available in your area:


What you'll need to buy


  1. Xbox One

  2. An Antenna (Microsoft suggest using the Mohu Leaf 50)

  3. The Hauppauge Digital TV Tuner for Xbox One


Note: There may be other antennas that are compatible with the Xbox One, but Mohu is the suggested brand by Microsoft.

The Hauppage Digital TV Tuner is the only Tuner compatible with the Xbox One.


How to set up the Over-The-Air TV on your Xbox One


The process of setting up OTA on your Xbox One is very simple once you have the correct equipment.


1. Put your antenna in a location where it can receive the best signal.

2. Next, connect your antenna to the tuner with a coaxial cable.

3. Plug the tuner into the "HDMI IN" port on the back of the Xbox. Once you've connected the tuner, the Xbox will recognize it automatically and prompt you to go through the setup procedure.

4. After you've completed the steps to setup the OTA, double-tap the Xbox button to bring up the Guide.

5. Select Settings-->All Settings-->TV & One Guide.

This should prompt you to follow steps for the Xbox One Guide setup. Once you've completed this you're done!


If you are experiencing problems getting channels to sync with the Xbox One Guide, try moving your antenna to a different location in the room as the one you have it in may not be optimal for the reception.

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