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Charge Faster - The Lowdown on Short vs. Long Cables

Bigger isn't always better, especially when it comes to cables. A long cable is great when you want more freedom to charge and use your device simultaneously, but that freedom is also a weakness when it comes to power. If you're looking to get an efficient and fast charge, a short cable is the way to go.

Simply put, electricity works better over short distances. Think of a hose. Your favorite hose perhaps. It takes less power and time to push water through a short hose than it does a long hose. A similar principle applies to width - a wider hose gives you more water. Cables in the US are measured in AWG (American Wire Gauge) and just remember the smaller the number, the thicker the cable.

If you want a slightly more in-depth discussion of how electricity and power work, check out this previous blog post I wrote on the topic here.

Honestly, having both long and short cables is your best bet. A longer cable is great if you need to charge your device as far as possible from its power source, but when it comes to a quick and efficient charge, you just can't beat the performance of shorter cables. Try to find a short and thick cable for best results.

Matt does a great job touching on this topic in the video below. He'll also pull apart a Micro-USB cable for you guys and explain how each component within the cable functions.


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Ryan Alexander Kavanaugh |

Director of Brand Development

Ryan enjoys video games, long naps on the beach, and humanity's most difficult existential questions. His long list of influences includes Christopher Hitchens, Ocarina of Time, that one time he stubbed his toe, and his first ex-girlfriend. Ryan also works as development producer in the television industry and still retains most of his soul at this time.


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  • Thanks, did learn a few things that seem very logical to me.
    Used to have a note 4, lived it even though it was very power hungry. I could have charged up portable spare batteries whenever I needed them however the phone finally wouldn’t cut it anymore, and reluctantly and disappointed graduated to a Note 9. Hate the charging situation, especially the time it takes to charge, and also the ridiculously short 3 ft. Cables, even though i really tend to believe your electrical scientific logic on cables.
    FAST charging, high quality, and i guess on length ….different length’s depending on how fast ….is there really a big difference , speed wise on my Samsung Note 9 charging using a standard 3 ft cable and say a 6 or 10 ft.AND what about 3rd party vendors vs. Samsung OEM ????
    Would greatly appreciate some advice on which cables to buy. Need for bedroom, living room, and home office.
    Cliff in AZ

    Cliff B.

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