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Small steps in Esports growth this week



Hi TekBotic fans! Lately, it has been noticed a number of influential changes in the Esports industry which will most likely determine the future of all video game tournaments. In this post, we will be covering this weeks news on the role of ESL, various major championships, new broadcasting apps, and the statistics in the growing audience. 

ESL's Role

Broadcasting Esports has been dominated by platforms such as Azubu, Twitch TV, Youtube and many others. However, with the increasing number of viewers increasing day by day, many fans have been asking the question: When will Esports be on live television?

ESPN has taken a major step in becoming the pioneer in covering Esports as a major sports industry. This has lead to a burst in major companies expanding their network as well. Recently, Azubu has teamed up with ESL to become a streaming partner for a 2 year global partnership. The partnership is said to predict a growth in both companies and provide better for the esports fans.

ESL will also be covering major tournaments such as the Master World Championship in Katowice by Intel. The company has hosted large events with their largest audience reaching up to 1.3 million viewers for the shooter game, CS: GO

 Major Championships

Esports growth has also seen an increase in new tournaments and a large amount of cash prizes for the winners. In a previous blog post, we covered some details on the Canadian Tournament featuring Street Fighter V

Pokémon, a major old-timer that never ages have also been recently seen in Esports in this last week. The 2016 European National Championship will be hosting the National Championships in the UK, Germany, and Italy. The tournament will allow Pokémon Trainers to gain a chance to enter the Championship in San Francisco with travel and accommodation costs covered for the top players. 

Pokkén Tournament Championship Series Trailer



As if Esports could not get any bigger, Evolve Labs have provided Evolve Arenas to allow gamers from Rocket League & League of Legends to join fast tournaments with equally skilled teams to win cash prizes! This would open many doors to the major normal players who don't have the opportunity to enter in pro tournaments. 


New apps & Expansions

In other news, new apps are also creating easier, convenient ways for gamers to view their favourite streams. Joystick, allows easy access to youtube, Twitch & Azubu streams to watch live tournaments. 

The Audiences

The statistics have been showing a clear increase in gamers all around the world and if you're reading this now, you are probably one of them! It could be possible that in the next few years, we will see more Esports tournaments in regular television channels and larger championship games. All pro-players start from beginner levels at one point of their lives, so why stop your dreams now because you could be one too! 
Let us know in the comments below what you think about today's Esports. 





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