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Xbox One price reduction detected & New added features

This work, "xbox pop-art", is a modified derivative of "XBOX ONE @ Gamescom" by Marco Verch, used under CC BY. "xbox pop-art" is licensed under CC BY by TekBotic LLC.


New added features

We're back with the weeks updates on the latest Xbox One news. Based on popular feedback from their fans, Microsoft have made significant changes and new features added to the Xbox One. 

List of updated features: 

  • Xbox 360 backward compatible games purchasable directly on Xbox One
  • Live broadcasting of Twitch party chat
  • Party chat audio settings interchangeable for headset, speakers or both
  • Modifiable Game DVR recording length
  • Xbox One achievement's easy access guide
  • Video playback directly in Xbox One activity feed (no more launching!)
  • 16-person party chat
  • Xbox 360 achievements viewed in Xbox One activity feeds

And also a few other additional features. Check out the complete article here

Update preview


    Upcoming price reduction

    Xbox Bundle big distributors such as Amazon, & Microsoft, have been seen to be cutting down on the prices to prepare themselves for the major games that will be released soon. 

    Some upcoming to-be-released games that have been noted (some we have covered in our previous posts) include large games such as Tom Clancy's The Division, Far Cry Primal, Trackmania Turbo, Hitman, Mirror's Edge Catalyst, and many others. 

    The price reduction is seen to be as low as $319 compared to the original $400 price range. The big question is: Will more gamers be buying Xbox One consoles considering the high reduction in price compared to the Playstation bundles that are still sitting at the $350-$550 price range?

    Only time will tell. 

    Until then continue gaming strong! We'll keep you updated with more news soon. 

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