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Tom Clancy's The Division's Beta: Crunching down the numbers

Yo GOATers! We last covered Tom Clancy's The Division in our blog post on the overview of the game and also some nifty tips and a gaming podcast by Matt G. and Matt L. 

There was a rush of players during the open beta release of the game and Ubisoft  took note of crunching down the statistics collected during the game. 

To briefly summarize, there was a grand total of 6.4 million players during the open beta phase. An average of 2 hours was spent in the PvP zone (the Dark Zone) and an average of 5 hours as an active sleeper agent in the open world. That's a good amount of time spent! If this is just during the open beta, I bet we can't imagine what it would be like when it is released!

During the closed beta, the most lethal weapon used during the game was awarded to the mighty assault rifle M4. It was not really known what was the most popular weapon used for the open beta but we can expect lots of ammo used! 

As usual, the dark side always entices people and about half of the open beta players (50%!) decided to turn rogue. Just to shed some light, a player can turn rogue by shooting one of their teammates or an enemy player and this brings high risk but also high rewards.

An interesting fun fact that Ubisoft announced was that 63 million contaminated items were successfully taken out of the dark zone. To clarify, players will have to survive being ambushed while extraction because other players will be notified of your position when signalling for the helicopter. 

Also beta testers will be happy to know that they will be receiving gifts from Ubisoft. Alpha testers will receive a cool weapon skin, beta testers will receive a sports cap, and open beta testers will receive a sports jacket.

If you haven't seen enough of the game yet, keep an eye out for it when the game will be released which will be on the 8th of March. Pre-order the game here at $59.99 for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. 

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