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Just Cause 3: Square Enix launching expansion in March

Hi again GOATers! As February is coming to an end, we have another game announcing an expansion again! Square Enix has announced that the first release of the content pack for their expansion, Sky Fortress, will be launching next month!

Game Overview

For those unfamiliar with the game, Just Cause 3 is an Single player, action-packed, adventure game and is the third game to the Just Cause series. Players take on the role as Rico Rodriguez and must stop a dictator, General Sebastiano Di Ravello from taking over the world. 

There are different types of weapons and gear that the player can use to move around the map and complete mission. A very popular new feature in the game includes a wing suit that functions similar to how a flying squirrel glides in the air. Other equipment include grappling hooks that can be used to pull themselves higher into the air while gliding, and also a parachute. 

Players can shoot at enemies while gliding or on the parachute. The enemies are said to be easily adaptable to your play style to make it more difficult. Just Cause 2 players will also be happy to know that now, C4 is available infinitely and not needed to be purchased. The game has a few modes namely Challange modes & Multiplayer modes. 


So now back to the latest news, the expansion that will be coming out is available for a week to players who have bought the Air, Land & Sea Expansion Pass.  They have added a new Wingsuit to the game, the Bavarium Wingsuit that is said to be able to allow players to do awesome stunts. The new wing suit looks like a flying squirrel or in this case, a flying Rico, that has been strapped with a jetpack. 

There will also be new missions and a new enemy: The Sky Fortress and their robotic drones. Rico will be able to use machine guns strapped on his shoulders and auto-targeting missiles. 

The second expansion pack, Land Mech Assult will also have new missions and an added heavy armor mech vehicle with the ability to lift and throw heavy enemies with its gravity gun. 
Check out the trailer below: 

The third expansion, Baharium Sea Heist, has not been revealed yet. So fans can only wait to see what Square Enix has in store for us!
The Sky Fortress is priced at a low $11.99, however the Air, land & Sea expansion pass is available at $24.99. 

Let us know in the poll below on what you think of the game. Excited? Or Nah.

What do you think of Just Cause 3's update?

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