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Rocket League: Crashing into Xbox One today!

You've been waiting for it, begging for it, and it is finally here. Rocket League is bursting into the fields into Xbox One consoles. If you've been living under a rock, this game has receive very good reviews from PC fans and has since skyrocketed to fame. The developers wanted to bring the game to more people and now, it is available on the Xbox One & PS4.

Just to fill everyone in on how juicy this game will be, it has won the Best Independent game, & the Best sports/Racing game. 

The Xbox One version is said to not only have similar features and content to the PS4 and PC version, it will also have additional features added to the game. This includes the 2 Xbox One-exclusive battle-cars, an alternative to the Warthog Force application vehicle, and a super cool armored personnel carrier. 

"Our goal with Rocket League is to continually improve, grow, and evolve the game while keeping its core fundamentals in focus," 

Dave Hagewood, CEO of Psyonix

Also, just to hype you up on what you'll be able to do in the game, I'll fill you in on some features. Xbox One players will be able to have exclusive battle cars, face lift your car with different customization items, tonnes of racing maps, and also multiplayer split-screen gaming. 

The last time we covered this game, we also touched a bit on how its growth has brought the game up to becoming an official Esport. Players can compete against one another and test their skills with ranked play and private match rooms.

So, if you haven't bought the game yet, it is available for the Xbox One at $19.99. Get in on the hype train before it's too late (you don't want to be left behind!). Let us know in the comments below if you like to see Matt G. & Matt L. cover the game in their next podcast!
Until then, continue gaming strong!

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