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Far Cry Primal: A first look at the game and characters


The last Wenja warrior

My name is Takkar and I am part of the Wenja tribe. All seems to be lost as my tribe has been taken away from me and killed by the Udam tribe. I am left with nothing and in order to survive, I must rebuild my tribe by killing Ull the Udam tribe leader and help my people survive against all odds. Using my skills as a Beast master, I'll become the strongest man and conquer Oros. 



A first look into the game

Far Cry Primal was number 1 on our February upcoming games blog post and it this new survival game has received quite a buzz. First announced in 2015, the game is another take of the Far Cry franchise but has a very different take from other previously developed games.

Through the trailers, it can be seen that Ubisoft has taken a large amount of thought in developing key features of the game. For example, the language that is mainly used in the game was created based off Proto-Indo-European background and according to Kevin Shortt, one of the lead writers of the game:

"Most aren't going to end the game talking Wenja, but you're going to have a real sense of it."


Surviving in the Stone Age

You play as the last free Wenja tribesman and after your tribe was attacked by the Udam tribe, you must find key Wenja members and save them with your skills. Players must fight against not only wild animals but also other aggressive tribes that kill on sight. 

Weapons that you may use and create include spears, clubs and bows. As main missions are completed and your tribe grows, you unlock more skills and better weapons to protect your people.

You are also known as the Beastmaster; one who has the gift of controlling animals. Using your companions, you can increase protection, widen your scouting range, and also a form of transportation. This is slightly different from other Far Cry games as they often use firearms that haven't been invented during the Stone Age period.


The tribes

The game consists of 3 tribes; Udam, Izila, and Wenja. The Udam tribe is lead by Ull and is ruled by an iron fist due to their aggressiveness, will attack on sight.The Izila tribe is lead by Batari, who worships the sun gods. They are feared for their usage of fire as weapons which causes scars and burns on people. 

The Wenja tribe is lead by Takkar, who must regain his tribesmen after a surprise attack from Ull. He must regain is key members and become the Apex Predator. 


Additional information
It was also announced that Jason Graves will be the composer of the game soundtrack. He is known for his scores in games like Evolve, Tomb Raider, and Until Dawn.

From the background music to the smallest whistles, different sounds will be created for the perfect ambiance in the game. One of the music designers, Jerome Angelot even said that:

 "Far Cry Primal's score is a fresh mix of savant sound design, epic percussions and attention to detail. It will surprise the players; each time I hear the screams and the chants in the Izila tracks, I get chills."

It is available on itunes and will be available worldwide once the game launches. 


The game is available for reservation on Ubisoft's main site  and it available on Xbox One, PC and PS4 on the 23rd of February, 2016. Be sure to check out the trailer below and let us know in the comments below what you think of the game.

Also be on the look out of future games that GOAT gaming podcast might cover in the future and also let us know which ones you would like us to review. Until then...

Continue gaming strong!


Gameplay Trailer

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