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Tips and tricks to prepare you for The Division

Sup' GOATers! Just as we have covered in our last post for our podcast on the latest review of Tom Clancy's The Division, we decided to come up with a second post with some tips and tricks that some beta players have for you! 

Strategy and Tips

When obtaining new skills, players will unlock them only when fulfilling certain objectives and will not be XP based. That being said, leveling is still important as there is a total of 8 levels (beta) and some tips given by previous players include spamming high level missions that give higher XP (run each twice), searching for ECHO sequences, and also completing random encounters. 

Every item obtained in the open world is unique and will have different stats for each player to loot. Getting better gear is the tricky part. There are a few ways: 

1. Replay mission as HARD: 
Pros: More & Better gear (Green, Blue items)
Cons: Enemies are harder and more in numbers (You may need to co-op this out)

2. Lockpicking: Lock picks are dropped by enemies or found around
Pros: Better loot
Cons: You will have to die due to the room being contaminated ( Run to the chest and open it before you die)


Skills trailer: 

There's a new trailer specifically covering the skills that you can obtain when upgrading specific areas of your base. There are 12 available skills and is divided into medical, technology and security. You can gain excess to shields, disables, and detecting skills. Check it out below: 


Dark Zone (PvP/PvE)
Other than your normal leveling rank, you also have your Dark Zone rank (12 in total) where you can gain XP by exploring, killing enemies and also finishing missions. However, if you die in the DZ, you will lose XP. The best part of the DZ is that you get better loot but they must be decontaminated before using them. The only way to do this is to get an evac helicopter to pick it up.

There's a catch to this, signalling the helicopter will allow other players to pinpoint your location, which makes you much vulnerable to attacks before it arrives (1.30 before arrival). 

Going Rogue


Players can go Rogue which is marked by a skull sign (kill an ally or enemy player) and steal your items once you die. However, if they die as a Rogue agent, they'll lose more XP. If you do loot a Rogue agents items, you may find a DZ key which allows you to open chests in the DZ zone.

Bigger chests, always have better loot, but some may have a level requirement you need to fulfill before opening it. You can also gain up to 5 levels of rogue stages and increase your bounty by killing more players and once reaching that stage, if you do not get killed and not kill any other players by the end of the 5 minute timer, you'll get your own bounty. 



So that's all we have for this post, make sure to get a copy of the pre-order over here for around $59.88. It is available on March 8th 2016 for PS4, Xbox One and PC

Also, if you haven't heard the GOAT gaming podcast, make sure to check it out the podcast as Matt G. and Matt L. take on another review of the game. 

Until then,

Continue gaming strong!


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