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ARK: Survival Evolved -Three is not a crowd on ARK with new updates.

New patch content for ARK players

Behold, a Gallimimus: the chicken looking dinosaur. Actually it doesn't sound that pathetic. 

Studio Wildcard has taken it to another level by announcing the additional new content they will be adding in the next patch. ARK:Survival Evolved has received a lot of good reviews and fans have always been asking for more. Well, your wishes have been answered.

In the next patch, a new dinosaur has been added: the Gallimimus. The herbivorous dinosaur is said to be the fastest and can also carry up to 3 players in its specially designed saddle. However, there are many pros and cons to this dinosaur:

The Pros

It moves fast and can jump over obstacles easily which makes it very useful to explore new places and also escape easily. Plus, it's the only dinosaur with the 3 seat option which can be tamed. 

The Cons

It is unable to harm predators and seems pretty useless in it's usefulness. Apparently, it also gets nervous easily. 

Other new items: 
There are also some new items that player would find useful in the next patch: They have added a SWAT-style Assault Armor tier, an electric prod stunner that acts as a useful weapon, greenhouses or a glass tileset that allows the growth of plants. 
Players can also expect better saving and loading times. After all, less waiting is more playing!

If you've been living in a cave and haven't heard of ARK before or had the chance to try it, take a look at our past blog about it here and also our podcast by Goat Gaming that gives some tips when playing the game. It is estimated to be available on Xbox One in summer 2016 and it is for sale at $34.99. 

Also check out the latest trailer below:

Until then, continue gaming strong!

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