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ARK: Survival Evolved -Suggested taming tips

Suggested Highly Effective Taming Tips


We played Ark: Survival Evolved with co-creator Jesse Rapczak

ARK: Survival Evolved is a highly cooperative game and to tackle rare dinosaurs, you will probably need either a tribe or a lot of time and dedication for it. Many players have been asking on forums for tips on how to increase the Taming Effectiveness when attempting more difficult dinosaurs. In this section, we will break down a few important key steps or tips to have an easier time taming dinosaurs.

Save tranquilizer darts for rare/difficult dinosaurs

TIP 1: Try not to spam the tranquilizer darts
  • shoot them with intervals of about 5 seconds as they are about they near unconsciousness

  • Multiple arrows will stack torpor so try not to over-harm the dinosaurs

  • You’ll also waste your darts

  • Hitting on the head does more damage so if you want to control damage, hit the body

TIP 2: Use easier methods for easier dinosaurs
  • If you’re a frugal person like me, I suggest saving darts for more difficult dinosaurs

  • Use a weapon/bare hands to save resources

Use Kibbles for higher Taming Effectiveness (T.E.)

TIP 3: Know your kibbles (Use preferred kibble)
  • Different type of kibbles have different effects on each dinosaur (Look up this guide:
  • Results in higher affinity, saves time, and better stats.

TIP 4: Farming Raw Prime Meat
  • Step 1: Ensure quick transfer to fridge. Raw Prime meat spoils fast so you will either want your tribe to help you transfer the meat back while you farm or build a base nearby your farming area.

**NOTE: Always place prime meat in your tamed dinosaur’s inventory (Scorpions: lasts 10 minutes /Dino: lasts 8 minutes). Also place normal meat at the top to prevent your dinosaur from eating the prime meat.

  • Step 2: Use a tamed T-Rex to hunt. Try farming Brontosaurus/Stegosurus as some players have had an easier time getting meat from them
  • Save time: Do it while you’re taming a dinosaur. You can run back and forth farming for prime meat and taming a dinosaur nearby

*Note: Always, always, carry spares in case of an emergency or a mistake!

Protect your buddy

TIP 5: Protect your dinosaur
  • Carnivores/Other players: Build a fence/base to protect your dinosaur. If interrupted, all your hard work will go to waste! (this is the same if it wakes up due to insufficient narcotics)

Get a team to protect/care for high level dinosaurs

TIP 6: Teamwork is key
  • For some cases, having a team is good to ensure that the dinosaur is fed continuously and does not starve and for protection when you are offline.

  • Also sometimes it can get really long and boring doing it alone. So why not grab a friend and tame it together 

So that's it from us! Good luck taming and hunting out there and let us know in the comments below if you have additional tips. Check out our blog for more news and tips on the latest games.

Also if you haven't seen our Podcast yet, Goat Gaminghead over there now! Matt G. and Matt L. have covered more tips on the latest games like ARK, PVZ and many more. Check out their reviews on the games there. 

Until then, 
Continue gaming strong!


  • is anybody going to answer me?

  • Ark: Survival Evolved with co-creator Jesse Rapczak what device do you play it on?
  • Ark: Survival Evolved with co-creator Jesse Rapczak what do you play it on?

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