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Overwhelming 2015 from gaming community backers on Kickerstarter!

Zombicide: Survivors... Attacking the Abomination

As the year of 2015 closes and the new year begins, it is no doubt that some people will be celebrating their achievements for the year. One well-known crowdfunding company launched in 2009, known as Kickstarter, recently announced their thanks to a specific community that have been supporting their projects: Gamers. 

2015 summary

In their recent summary, they have received a tremendous support from the gaming community by managing to pledge over $144.4 million and a total of 2,259 successful projects. A majority of their projects came from tabletop games and video games. One of the major games funded was a card game called "Exploding Kittens" where players draw cards until they pick the exploding kitten card and would well-  explode. The game received over $8.8 million backers which made it the most funded games project in history.

Other videogames 


Videogamers were also not forgotten as some games were funded during the year of 2015: Shenmue 3 -which is a sandbox Kungfu videogame, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night - a side-scrolling RPG, and many others as well. One particular game that caught my eye was Dreamfall Catchers: The longest journey (check out the trailer below) where the story follows Zoe a dreamer in a world of fantasy.

Kickstarting the future 

Crowdfunding is becoming a more viable way to fund new projects and ideas and game producers may choose this option more frequently in the future. Kickstarter has taken a large step in their projects last year and their growth may only skyrocket further. We all hope that 2016 be the year of new beginnings.

Shenmue 3 : le jeu risque de ne pas être très beau graphiquement

Continue gaming strong!

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