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Metal Gear Solid V Patch 1.02 Windows, PlayStation 3 and 4, Xbox One and 360 Update

Metal Gear Solid V Logo

In the past few years, the rise of huge-budget games that have twisted toward regularity of design, and somewhat lack luster worlds, filled with busy work are the new trend. Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain, has brought back a series, that is beloved by many. With high expectations, the overall impressions of this newest title were positive. 

In typical Metal Gear fashion, the game consist of sneaking your way through tall pastures, eventually hitting the armed guards, into a coma, with a sedative dart to the neck. The game's construction is pleasant, as it allows you to switch among supplementary as well as core missions. 

Metal Gear Solid V


"Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain" update is now available on almost all major platforms, such as the PC, PS3, PS4, and Xbox 360. 

Patch 1.02 for "Metal Gear" online incorporates a new set of challenging tasks, emblems, and items to upgrade user experience. Also, gamers can now build a fourth FOB base. The new patch download is 710 MB on PS4 and 400 MB on Steam.

Konami incorporated several novel features on this patch, Gearnuke reported. First, it now has a custom FOB camera and mine replacement. Second, Raiden and Cyborg Ninja outfits are available in the FOBs. There are now grade 9 weapons available to make the game much more exciting. Mission tactics would never be the same with these new weapons.

Big new challenge tasks are also available for gamers. "FOB Mission Event: The Skulls Attack" has been added. Advanced player FOB missions are also now available. 

Many new features have been added to ranking and match making functionality. Stats have been updated, and are more comprehensive. The update also has allowed for easier online play with friends on your friends list. 

Looking Deeper

With the latest Metal Gear Solid receiving such high praise, and overall positive feedback, it looks like the company is looking to produce an even better MGS game in the near future. Currently listed on the Konami career page of its Japanese website, they are seeking various positions to begin the new project. The project is referred to as the "New Metal Gear." 

Kojima is the creative mind behind the "Metal Gear Solid" series. He still hasn't disclosed if he is still part of Konami or not. IGN already reported that he has founded a new independent game studio already: Kojima Productions, which has taken on a new project with Sony.

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