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E3 2015 - Best Upcoming Game Releases

The most exciting E3 in years was held last week in Los Angeles. We watched intently to see what new next generation titles, the developers had been tirelessly working on. After countless game announcements and attention deficit disorder on full blast, we highlighted the upcoming releases that stood out to us, and the ones that may have flown under the radar.



While the 2k franchise might seem to hold the reigns over NBA games, EA has been trying to compete by bringing back NBA Live the last couple of seasons. The revitalized game franchise has been met with heavy criticism as the game mechanics feel very choppy and animated.

For now 2k holds the crown, but at E3, EA showed how hard they’ve worked to fix the problems that have been plaguing NBA Live. First, it seems they have worked on better collision detection and ball mechanics to allow for a smoother game. Also, they are bringing back the old ‘Clubs’ mode that exists in FIFA.

This means that you and four of your friends can play together against another group of five in an NBA setting.



A little indie project that has been in the making by EA for a few years, Unravel started with a ball of yarn and has spun itself into a game. When you first look at it, PlayStation fans will immediately see the similarities between it and Little Big Planet.

You are a little yarn-man named Yarnie, who is as much a part of the beautifully designed world as the world is a part of him. Use your yarn to swing from tree branch to tree branch, or create intricate yarn zip lines to complete quests.

Official Unravel Site

Twitter: @unravel_game - "Yarny's trip to #E32015 was exhausting but he had a lot of fun!"



One of the more highly anticipated games being showcased at E3 this year, EA’s new take on the Battlefront franchise, had everyone in the room buzzing. There had already been a few leaked cinematic trailers that showed how much detail was put into the environments.

But no one was prepared for what EA had in store. The showcase was a 64-player multiplayer reimagining of the famous Battle of Hoth. The AT Walkers, the Snowspeeders, and the sheer size of the map makes it look like a hybrid Star Wars-Battefield game.

In the final sequence, the player takes control of Luke Skywalker who takes out a few storm-troopers right before locking lightsabers with Darth Vader…and the gameplay footage ends.







EA Is Ready to Delay Star Wars: Battlefront If It Has Problems


Another game that was being talked about a lot before the conference was Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy’s: The Division. You are a member of the Division, a secret government unit that is activated when large scale catastrophes make it impossible to maintain infrastructure.

Your job is to find out what has happened in New York to knock the grid offline, recreate infrastructure, and….survive. The city is crawling with gangs and other crews that give it a sort of post-apocalyptic feel. You and your friends scour the city for equipment and weapons, which often means combat with other players.

However you can also choose to team up with other players to fight CPU opponents. Ultimately, you are alone, even your teammates or “friends” can choose to kill and pillage you. The Division looks to be a good test of how strong a friendship is!


In between games, an old man with a beard walked out on the stage, I assumed he was there to sweep up….but he was the lead game designer for Ubisoft’s For Honor. For all the shooters that Ubisoft develops you would assume that this would be no different from the others. For Honor however, is not a shooter. The player gets to choose whether he/she wants to be a Knight, a Viking, or a Samurai.

The gameplay shown was almost something out of a movie. Epic battles sequences with large armies that gives it a sort of Dynasty Warriors look. But the 4v4 battles mean when one player meets another a duel ensues. The fighting mechanics seem to simulate how a real sword fight would go and appears to give a feeling of ultimate satisfaction after defeating an opponent in a duel.


More info



This was the unveiling of Ghost Recon: Wildlands by Ubisoft as a team had been secretly working on it. Though, it is no real surprise as there hasn’t been a Ghost Recon game yet for the next generation consoles. There is a new look to Ghost Recon, as now you are fighting against cartel members and doing it in a massive open world.

The gameplay footage from E3 shows the Ghosts taking down a cartel stronghold and explains that it can be done in a few different ways; Stealth, Ambush, and Assault. If I were to sum it all up, I would say it looks like the old Mercenaries games with a Ghost recon spin. 

Honorable Mentions: 
Plants V. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2
Fifa 16
Rainbow Six Siege
Fallout 4
Gears of War 4
Doom 4
Halo 5: Guardians
Uncharted 4

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