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6 Ways to Speed up your computer by getting rid of unnecessary things

How to Speed up your Slow Computer

One problem I always had growing up and even have today is keeping my room clean. Now, I never tried very hard because as they say, geniuses are usually messy individuals.


My mother didn't agree with my philosophy, so she used to give me an ear full every time she "happened" to check out my room. When I'd finally get around to clean it, I'd find clothes that I lost or sometimes money that had fallen out of my pockets.


More often than not, though, I found the most disgusting things known to men like weeks old snacks, dirty underwear, and the bugs that inhabited the dark corners of my bed chamber.


clean and make your pc faster

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Your computer is no different from your room in that regard. If you go too long without cleaning it, your device will back up with junk files and/or become infected with nasty viruses. The junk files and unused programs can slow your computer to a halt by taking up memory.


Equally, viruses and spyware can destroy your computer from the inside out and make your private information...not so private anymore. If you don't know how to deal with these issues, don't worry! We at TekBotic have compiled a list of ways you can keep your computer running in tip-top shape!


#1 Clear Browser Cache


The first thing you can do is something that most people already know about. Clearing your browser cache gets rid of all of the cookies and browser histories that have been building up over time.


clear browsing data

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You'd be surprised at how much memory your browser cache takes up! Every time you go on the internet and visit a website, you are adding to your browser history and thereby occupying more computer memory.


How you do it differs from browser to browser, but the universal way is to first access your browsing history, then click Clear Browsing data. If you need more specific help click here


#2 Do a disk cleanup


Temporary files can be a real drag on your computer's disc space and memory as well. When you open up emails or download files from the internet, you are utilizing precious space on your PC.



clean up your computer

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However, Windows actually provides a service that helps you clean up all of these files without having to go through them one by one. Windows CCleaner helps you reclaim vital disc space and speeds up your PC.


It is recommended that you run the CCleaner weekly, if not daily to keep the unending amount of temporary files from building up. You can actually set up a schedule so that it will be done automatically, in case you forget!


#3 Uninstall Applications and Programs that are not being used


uninstall program

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All of us have applications and programs that we have downloaded over the years with the intent of using them. Or maybe you downloaded a program to help you complete a specific task, then forgot to uninstall it. I, myself downloaded Steam with the express purpose of re-entering the field of computer gaming.


I said, "I'm gonna get back to playing the classics that were fun back when I was in high school." Fast forward about 3 years and I've used it maybe 3 or 4 times since I downloaded it. The point is, uninstalling applications and programs that we don't use really affects the level at which your computer performs.


The problem is that we either forget to do it or are too stubborn to uninstall them. So consider this a reminder...or a wake-up call!!


#4 Turn off startup programs


startup programs

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This tip is one that I actually just learned recently. Did you know that some of your programs have permission to boot up when you turn on your computer? It's actually quite startling!


Some of them will pop up in your face when they are booting up, like Skype, and others will subtly startup without you knowing. I found that I had well over 30 programs starting up without my knowledge!


These startup processes take up disc space and can make the time it takes for your computer to boot up unbearable. You can manually turn off these startup programs through the task manager or you can use the CCleaner to assist you.


#5 Remove Spyware and Viruses

remove spyware and viruses

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Another obvious tip that should be something you do weekly is running a virus scan and/or spyware scan. I can not stress this next part enough. If you do not have virus protection, GO GET IT NOW!


I lost two computers to viruses and it was because I was too cheap to pay for certified virus protection programs. Anti-Spyware programs are also becoming increasingly necessary to protect private information from the prying eyes of hackers.


Take this very seriously! You can extend the life of your computer by years if you take preventive measures now!


#6 Keep Folder Sizes Small


minimize large sized folders

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For those of you that have your computer sectioned off into more overloaded folders than you can count, then this tip is for you. Explorer can be slowed down by folders that have an exorbitant amount of files in them.


Over-stacked folders can actually slow your device down to the point that it becomes almost impossible to navigate through the menus. The best thing you can do to avoid this problem is to create several different folders and spread the files out among them.


Just like your room, you want to keep things tidy in your folders. If you label your folders in a way that they can be listed alphabetically in order, your exorbitant amount of files can be organized in a way that won't confuse you!

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