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5 Ways You Can Get Your Groove Back

Do you feel like you've hit a wall?

Have you ever been thrown off your game before? Does it sometimes feel like the cards are stacked against you and you can't seem to get back on track?


Whether it be a string of poor performances in on the golf course or striking out at the bars more frequently than normal, we all experience ups and downs in our lifetime. Just yesterday, I was playing the back 9 at Brookside Golf Club and successfully double-bogeyed the first 4 holes!


At that point, I gave up because it felt like I could do nothing right. Confidence is a hard thing to regain after it has been shaken.


When you are running your own business, setbacks can be extremely detrimental to your state of mind and the progress of your company. It's difficult to get your mind thinking productively when it's been scarred by recent failures.

Getting Your Groove Back

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Most of us at TekBotic have been there before, and we know the feeling of helplessness that comes along with a lack of confidence. But we have also found some ways to help cope with setbacks and get you back on track again.


So stop second guessing yourself and use our guide to getting your groove back!


#1 Prove to yourself you are competent

 You are a competent person

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We all know deep down inside that we are competent workers. However, when our business takes a few hits on the chin, it can make us feel unsure about ourselves.


At those times, the best thing you can do is prove to yourself that you are competent through measurable progress. The trick is to keep it simple so that you can't possibly fail.


It might seem bizarre, but making a list of things you need to clean in your kitchen or checking off what emails you have responded to can make you feel productive, even if you haven't necessarily accomplished a lot.


#2 Go outside your comfort zone

Getting outside your comfort zone

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When you're lacking confidence, trying a new thing might not seem like the best thing to do, but research shows that it helps get your brain thinking in new ways. Combatting change can actually obstruct progress.


Try being more receptive to new ideas that might help reshape the direction of your work all together! When you are reactive and willing to be more flexible, you feel in control of where your company is heading.


In fact, learning new things can feel awesome! Try picking up a new language, take badminton lessons, or learn to skydive (unless you are afraid of heights like me, don't do that.


Immersing yourself in a new task that is outside of your comfort zone and helps you grow as a person, there is nothing for you to lose =)!


#3 Cultivate a healthy mind

This is a basic building block towards getting your groove back! A good attitude can mean everything when you're trying to rebound from failure. It's easy to sulk, but it's not good for your mental state!

Cultivate a healthy mind

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To start cultivating a healthy mind, try starting off the day by telling yourself you are going to accomplish a certain task. Make sure that you say it out loud, in front of the mirror, so that you are using both your visual and audio receptors to commit it to your memory.


It's a simple trick, but research shows that it works. Also, after you complete something, saying out loud that you are done with said task helps create a positive attitude and sense of accomplishment.


Similarly, finding things to be grateful for in your life can be tough when you are down on your luck, but if you take the time to appreciate the small things in your life, you are making huge strides to improve your mental state.


#4 Take a Step Back

Sometimes we are so engrossed in our work that when we hit a snag, we try to fight our way out through different actions instead of walking away for a bit. Doing more work with the same poor results is the definition of occupational insanity.


If you are trying to work when your head really isn't in it, it can feel like quicksand, the more you fight, the deeper you go. Instead of pushing yourself to the brink of oblivion, why not take a break?

Take a break

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It could even provide you some moments of clarity which could provide you the answer to your problem. Do something that you enjoy to do for the rest of the afternoon! If you're a golfer, go take a few swings on the driving range; if you're a swimmer, go swim a few laps around the pool.


I like to go for a walk into downtown Pasadena to clear my head. It reminds me that there are other people out there living their lives, and my problem is pretty insignificant in the grand scheme of things.


When you're done recharging, you should come back refreshed and ready to put your head to the grindstone.


#5 Take Care of your body

"Take care of your body son, you've only got the one," is a quote that was regularly heard from my father around my house growing up. Now, at the time I ignored him because I was a kid and I felt invincible.


10 years, a kidney stone, and 2 ulcers later, I'm starting to heed his advice. I have found that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind and the greatest investment in your home business is in your own personal health.

 Take care of your Body. Exercise

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In this day and age, it's hard to get motivated to go to the gym or go for a run when there's a 60" TV screen in front of you beckoning you to just veg out. Working out, though, can help you sleep better and keep your senses sharp. Great news for the homebodies out there is that there are even at home workout programs such as Daily Burn!


As I have said in a few of my other blog posts, physical exercise is necessary for people who work at home! Taking an hour out of your day to exercise will keep you performing at your best.


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Matt Lettieri - Gamertag: ShockerMPH

Customer Engagement Warrior

Matthew is an avid sports fan and video gamer and currently plays Battlefield 1, Gears of War 4, Rocket League, and FIFA 17.

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