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5 Ways to increase hand-eye coordination without playing Video Games

5 Ways How To Increase Hand-Eye Coordination without Playing Videogames

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Are you someone that always loses at beer pong or is known as that one friend that can't catch? People that match this description are unfortunately lacking in hand-eye coordination.


Some outliers have excellent hand-eye coordination compared to other "normal" humans due to sheer genetics, however, this skill can be easily picked up with practice. The most common and popular way is by playing super-action-packed-fast-paced video games!


First-player shooters (FPS) such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) not only help with your hand-eye coordination but also with strategizing. But what if you're not keen on playing video games? 


Here are 5 simple suggestions that may help you improve your hand-eye coordination skills without having to play video games. 


Download the Piano Tiles app


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Piano Tiles is a fairly popular game that requires the player to tap on only the black tiles and not on the white. 

The game is helpful in coordinating your eye movement and fingers in tapping the right keys at the right time. 

As the levels increase, the faster the tiles will go. Although there are other apps that are similar, this is one of the few that I have managed to enjoy and practice at my own leisure.

Playing Catch with a Ball(s)


Original by Tam Tam, Catch:

Athletes that play a sport that use balls have good hand-eye coordination. Simply throwing a tennis ball at a wall or with a friend and catching it with your hands can help you practice your hand-eye coordination. 

The other alternative is to learn to juggle. Start off with only 2-3 balls first, and once you're comfortable with juggling, you can add more balls into the mix. 

Don't worry if it doesn't work out so well at first. Practice makes perfect!

Increase your Focus and Concentration

Original by Dimitris Kalogeropoylos, Focus:


Getting lots of practice isn't the only factor in increasing hand-eye coordination. The key action in getting a successful practice is concentration. 

By concentrating, you slow down time and make more calculated decisions. Some ways to increase concentration are by working on a jigsaw puzzle, meditating, or learning to concentrate on your breathing.  


Build Something with Detail


Original Source from Norbert Schnitzler, 2012_01_27_Düsseldorf_115206

Detailed activities increase your patience, your hand skills, and speed up your thinking skills in making quick decisions on the fly. 

You can get a model kit of a ship or submarine or even a structure of some kind, and build it from scratch. Plus, you can challenge yourself by timing how quickly you can assemble things after you get familiar.
So the next time you perform an athletic ability that requires hand-eye coordination, you can concentrate better before moving. 


Exercise Your Eye Movement

Original Source from David Lienhard, Eye:

Just like when video gaming, practice your eye movement by looking at near objects and objects that are further away.
This exercises your eyes and conditions them to be more accustomed to moving faster. It also helps you anticipate the moving object better so you know exactly where to position your hands.

Practice, practice, practice!

Hand-eye coordination might appear to be easier for some people compared to others but with enough practice, anyone can achieve supreme skills.
So, don't give up!

Edith Tan
Edith Tan

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Edith is a nomadic freelancer and loves all things tech. She's a musician, animal lover, and naturally sorted into Slytherin.

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