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Pros and cons of buying a controller from the Xbox Design Lab

What's up TekBots! Microsoft has announced that it has just launched the Xbox Design Lab that allows you to create your own custom designed colors. You can check out the trailer at the end of this post below. 

Now I know what some of you are thinking after checking it out: "I love the customization options, I'm going to so totally buy it". Well I feel the same way but there are some things that makes me second think if I should or should not buy the controller. 


1. 8 million color combinations & laser etching

The Design Lab allows you to create many combinations of colors and buttons based on each player's taste. And just for an additional $9.99, you can add your name or in-game name laser etched into the controller. That's something that puts unique in your controllers.  


2. Compatibility with Xbox One S

If you haven't heard yet, the newest addition to the Xbox family is Xbox One S. The controller will allow up to a 40 foot range of wireless reach with your controller. 

So if you're thinking of getting the newest console from Microsoft, you might want to wait for the controller. 


3. Not way too expensive 

It is priced at $79.99 so it is not too bad a price for a customized controller. 



1. No returns

Unless you are completely certain you won't regret buying the controller, do remember that there are no returns. If you read carefully at the end, it states that: 

"Due to the customized nature of the controller, please note that non-defective product returns are not accepted."


So if you don't like it once you receive it, you'll probably regret spending your money on it since you can't return it. 


2. Delayed shipping

If you placed your order before the end of August, the fastest you'll get the controller sent out is early September. Which an estimate ETA is unknown. 

3. Better customisations at a better price

There are also other solid color customized controllers out that are cheaper and more popular and you can probably DIY your customization by getting some parts on Amazon if you're experienced.


But if you want to lose the hassle and let Microsoft handle everything, the Design Lab controllers would be more for you.

vs TekBotic

Just to add a cheaper option, one of our controllers comes with an even better deal: it has added red flare thumb sticks, a play & charge pack. And all our controllers come with a 18 month warranty, and a 30 day money back guarantee so you can change your mind.

However currently, our controllers do not come with the 3.5mm jack so there is where it falls short but it can be used with a headset adapter.  


We have also other wireless controllers that give different solid color schemes. 


So that's just to give you an idea on other options you may have if you like solid color customization but want different options. Get out there and start exploring your options!


Until then, continue gaming strong




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