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Top 10 Voted Video Games of All Time (as told by r/Gaming)

From our early childhood, some of us like to reminisce on memorable games such as Pokemon and Super Mario and maybe replay some of them.

I took to r/gaming on Reddit to explore some of the most favorable & top voted games of all time. Maybe after reading this, you might want to download them again to relive your past! Check out the Top 10 list below!

10. Golden Eye

Golden Eye is a first-player shooter game that is based on the 1995 James Bond movie. Stealth movement has been one of the awesome features of the game during that gaming era where gunshots or alarms can trigger a never-ending respawn of enemies. 

It's been frequently hailed as one of the greatest videogames of all time. 

9. Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past 

Zelda has always been in our hearts and memes since the beginning of time. One of it's most successful games to the series was A Link to the Past. 

Players take on the role as Link, who goes on an adventure to save a damsel in distress & Hyrule. This game has sold 4.61 million units worldwide and has stayed in the hearts of many (including my own!).


8. Super Mario Bros. 3

Super Mario is an all time favorite because of it's simplistic and yet classic design. It has been sold over 17 million copies worldwide.

It was here that we learnt about super mushrooms giving us temporary immortality. And different suits gives us superb animal powers. 

7. Portal

If you haven't heard about the "Cake is a lie" joke, it might be a good time to google it. Portal is a puzzle platform game that allows the player to "teleport" to different areas using portals. 

Portal has since won several awards including the 2008 Game of the Year during the Game Developers Choice Awards

**Spoiler tip: Don't trust GLaDOS. 

6. Starcraft (the Original)

Starcraft, to me, has been the birth or the start of MOBA games today. It was planned since 1995 and has a large fan base in various countries (mostly in South Korea).

It has been honored as the best real-time strategical game of all time.  

5. Diablo II

This hack & slash video game has been a popular favorite due to its' predecesor. Most players love the hardcore character option that players only have one life and once dead, items are completely lost.

That's definitely a challenge to see how far one can go (and sometimes quite frustrating!).



4. Chrono Trigger

A favorite adventure role playing game, built by the creators of Final Fantasy, is the classic, Chrono Trigger

Some players have claimed that the game was too difficult and the puzzles could not be solved without a walkthrough. Looking back at it, where's the challenge if the game is easy, right?


3. Super Mario World

Coming up after Super Mario Bros. 3, was Super Mario World. It has sold over 20 million copies world wide! 

The main challenge of the game is to defeat Bowser and save Princess Toadstool which we all know Mario always wins. This game is definitely for the Mario lovers. 

2. Half-Life 2

Now although Half-Life 2 is a more recent game, it's has been very popular not to be on our list. This first-player shooter game has been praised for nearly every feature it had. 

In 2011, it has since sold over 12 million copies. One of the neatest "weapons"  in the game is the Gravity Gun which allows Gordon to draw distant objects towards him.

1. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

And number 1 on the list is none other than Zelda. The fifth game in the Zelda series was sold over 7.6 million worldwide at one time. It is the highest rated game on Metacritic (99/100) and is still a crowd favorite. 

Although aged, this game has been held in the hearts of many. Its' graphics would not compare to the current games now but it has been one of the greatest of all time. 

What do you think of this list? Are there other memorable games from your time? Let us know in the comments below and follow us on Facebook for posts like this in the future. 

Until then, continue gaming strong!






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