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Battlefield 1: Weapons, Vehicles, & How to sign up for the Beta

If you haven't heard the news, Battlefield 1 has been officially announced with a set release date. To give a short one-sentence summary of the game: Battlefield 1 is a first-player shooter, warfare game set in the times of World War 1. Read on for more details on the beta below.


This first player shooter game is set in World War 1 and as for now will be featuring locations such as: Arabia, the Western Front, and the Italian Alps. 

“We're crafting some modes that look at the era, and we make the mode fit that era. So that's something we're also doing”.

Lead designer DICE's Daniel Berlin
Multiplayer & Single player modes

For gamers who love single player modes, Danny Berlin has informed that Battlefield 1 will fit more closely to open sandboxes. It will also have more variety and a player-choice storyline with different view points. 

On the other hand, multiplayer gamers can enjoy a massive 64-player battlefield on different terrains. Gamers will be able to utilize a "squad system" that teams up players and keeps them in the same group throughout the multiplayer game while also allowing server jumps. 

"Team-play is so important in Battlefield, so knowing that you can still have the same team and same squad as you persist through everything is important."
Lars Gustavsson, Designing Director

Game features

Battlefield 1 will have a load of World War 1 artillery such has different rifles & flamethrowers.Melee combat is also available in the game with bayonets, sabres, or just using your bare hands to crush your enemies. 

For vehicles, the trailer shows biplanes, vessels, large tanks and horses. The few multiplayer vehicles available include planes, motocycles and large tanks. This opens the possibility to drive while another player fires against enemies. 

Release dates & news

The game is set to be released on the 21st of October and will be available for Xbox one, PS4 and PC. Avid fans can buy the Deluxe Edition of the game (which can be pre-ordered) that offers early access by an extra 4 days and a tonne of battlepacks. 

There will also be an opportunity to participate in the public beta release which will be later this year. If you're interested head over here


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