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5 Best gaming apps for team organization & communication

Best gaming apps for communication

Hey What's up TekBots! We get that sometimes you love getting together with your gaming friends to group up and play online or take down a raid boss. Either way, there has probably been that one person that overslept or MIA on your team (and nobody likes that when it happens).

So I've decided to gather a list of apps that could be off use to you to ensure that you get those teammates back online in game with some simple notifications, calls, and organization.  

1. World time buddy 

First, we all need to ensure that all team members will meet on time. I (as an avid traveler & gamer) totally understand that time zones can be tricky when scheduling a raid time for all members.

World time buddy helps you add time zones into one page and see which time fits the whole team best. If the time is already set, it's great to use when figuring out in-game events or raid times that you don't want to miss out.

2. Google translate

Next, if you're dealing with a completely foreign language, it helps to have some idea of what your friend is trying to explain to you.

Google translate might not be accurate but at least you'll be able to say "yes" or "no" and get the gist of what your teammate might be saying. If they speak English but still don't understand what you're saying, it's time to get that microphone checked.

3. Discord

Now Discord, might be a bit new to some gamers but it is slowly gaming momentum with it's pretty easy and cool features. First, it's free. You can create multiple channels for each game/team you have and it also has an app that you can add to your phone. 

That allows you to easily call your teammates to wake them up or send a text to update them with any changes. It has low latency for PC gamers (or can be used in a browser). For console users, you can use it with a cheap sound mixer like this one or using earbuds and putting your headphones over them. 

4. Google calendar

Google calendar can be used for business to gaming. You can add other gmail users to a calendar and that will be added to their calendars. They'll never miss another raid or scrim again. 

5. Playstation app or Xbox One Smart Glass

Now this is for all the console players who rather prefer something closer to home. The playstation app and Xbox One Smart Glass app allows you to keep in touch with your friends & control your console. 

Some like it but some don't. If it's your cup of tea, go for it!


There are way more apps out there but I summarized in this post the ones I like best. If you know a better app out there, mention it in the comments below!

Until then, continue gaming strong!


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