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Lessons video games have taught us.

What's up TekBots! We're taking things a little differently from the normal news to "reflect" on what gaming has taught most of us. Whether it was from Pokemon, or from Dark Soul 3 (like this player who learnt to look before looting), we have probably noticed a few things we should always do. Check out the list below: 


1. Remember to reload

Some of us might have learnt it the hard way to remember to reload. It could be in the heat of the moment when we're taking down a couple of bad guys when we forget that we ran out of ammo. 

2. Destroy anything that looks breakable

If there is a box, crate, jar, that's standing there, there must a reason. Therefore the foregone conclusion all gamers take is to go on a massive breaking spree. 





3. Using a map (or to be accurate, a mini-map)

We might have failed in geography but give us a map and we'll probably have no problem reading it. Years of training from reading tiny, mini maps might have probably been useful after all. 

4. History
Other than climbing walls and assassinating old men, I think I've learnt a thing or two on a little history. Even though it was fiction I'm sure other games definitely gave us some (like age of empires 2) sneak peaks into the past.  

5. Drifting
 You might have been one of those people who played way too much racing games and found out that you could drift out of a real life accident. Thank all those practice.


6. Always save your progress

Be it on Word documents or on your favorite game, we might have forgotten to save our progress and have to start all the way from square one again. So remember, always, always, always save your progress.

But in all seriousness, most of us can agree that gaming did teach us something in life. Let us know in the comments below what other lessons gaming has taught you in life. 


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