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Upcoming list of video games to be released in April for Xbox One and PS4

Hey What zup TekBots! We're back with another list of April's games that we think you should look out. So sorry that we put it off till now where some of the games have already been released. Also, we realized we've been leaving PS4 gamers out, so we have added PS4 games as well into our list. Check it out below!

6. Lumo (PC, PS4, XO) by Rising Star Games

Release date: 22 April
Mode: Single-player (Adventure puzzle)
Price: Unknown


Lumo is a new indie game that takes old-school classic videogames and transforms it to have a modern twist with it. If you're a lover of games like Knightlore or Head over heelsyou might like this game. It has isometric game design and has tonnes of rooms filled with puzzles for the player. 

"You play the part of a young child, lost in the depths of a mysterious castle that's part museum, part death trap."

Sounds interesting? There are over 400 rooms and mini-games to explore and achievements that you can obtain. Definitely one for the retro-videogame lovers out there. 


Release date: 12 April
Mode: Single-player (Adventure role-playing)
Price: $14.99 on Steam, PS4


Now this game didn't catch my eye at first, but after taking a second look at the game, it peaked my interests. The game runs on the latest (maybe not so now) Unreal Engine 4 and has lovely graphics that players can explore on the game map. 
In this RPG. you play Reynardo the Fox and each path or choice that you make affects your ending of the story. So in other words, if you love playing the villain or hero saving the damsel in distress, this game allows you to do both and explore your options.  

The game combat definitely looks packed with detailed graphics and fast paced action for players to enjoy. I'll be definitely taking a look at this game and maybe writing a review on it in a later blog. Unfortunately the game will not be available for the Xbox One :(

4. UEFA EURO 2016 (PS3, PS4, XO, X360) by Konami

Release date: 21 April
Mode: Single-player or Multiplayer (Sports)
Price: $59.99 on Amazon

Lots of fans have been waiting for this. Fans have been waiting for the new version of the game . The 2016 version of the game has a myClub mode where players can assemble their "dream team" and plays online versus other people. There are 24 stadiums (PS4, XO) and english commentaries are also included in the game (with British accents ofcourse). 

The game has also upgraded with better a collision system that has better interaction with the players on the field. Note that there has been complains of players having problems with the online match system. Konami might fix the issues when it comes out.

3. MXGP2 (PC, PS4, XO) by Square Enix

Release date: 8 April
Mode: Single-player or Multiplayer (Sports racing)
Price: $59.99 on AmazonSteam


Now, most gamers would already know MXGP to know what it's about. Race your friends in different game modes and tracks. From choosing your preferred rider and bike along with different customization, MXGP2 offers different gamers pretty good personnalisation options.   

The developers have added 2 new circuits to the track test mode that allow you to find the perfect customization for your bike aim for the competitive arena. Choose either free riding or a timed session. The game also has 19 real events for you to change the virtually change the past outcomes of the tournaments (which might be interesting to bike lovers out there). 


2. Dark Souls III (PC, PS4, XO) by Bandai Namco

Release date: 12 April
Mode: Single-player or Multiplayer (Action role-playing)
Price: $59.99 on Steam, Amazon


This one is for all the Dark Souls fans out there that have been waiting for the climatic ending to the series. Similar to Dark Souls II, the weapons and bonfires all retain their previous design. Magic in the game has 2 styles, where there is a standard attack and a more powerful attack. Both consumes magic points and an "Ash Estus Flash" is needed to refill these points

Fans will be happy to know that combat and movements are faster, more sensitive to player reactions and also have new combat patterns from enemies. Although there are fewer maps, the levels were made larger and has more exploration in the game for players. This could be a new role-playing game that has received really good reviews by various sources and players alike. You might not want to miss out on this. 



1. Quantum Break (PC, XO) by Microsoft

Release date: 5 April (That's today!)
Mode: Single-player (Adventure third person shooter)
Price: $59.99 on Windows 10 XO


For those who watched the series, the Quantum Break videogame features all your favorite actors in it. The unique feature of the game is that you can freeze enemies in a "Time Blast" while you, Jack Joyce, still move normally.  Pair that ability with a set of guns and you would get a really fun pause-play type of fighting style. 

However, don't think that it's all slow paced in the game. You can use your "Time Rush" ability to move next to an enemy to counter an attack quickly. Players can also speed time up to perform different actions undetected by the enemy. Other actions include a "Time shield" and "Time Dodge"  that allows defensive movements. 

Definitely one for third player shooter fans who are looking for some new elements added and also for Quantum Break fans who watched the series. The storyline allows players to take different choices in the game based on the TV show. 



That's it for this months list! Let us know what you think in the comments below of the games and if you'll be playing them? I'll definitely be checking out a few of them! 

Until then, continue gaming strong!


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